Age Calculator Pro

Age Calculator Pro

Chronological age calculator app to calculate your age and find upcoming birthda

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App description

Amazing age calculator app to calculate your Age and find total years, months, days, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds between two dates and also it is a useful app to find date difference between important events like marriage anniversaries, work anniversaries, birthday, festivals, holidays, etc…

This app is more useful to those who want to do date related operations and find leap year.

Key Features of this Application

► Calculate your age in years, months and days and also know how many minutes and seconds have been elapsed.

► Shows how many Months and days to go for your next birthday.

► Date calculator is a powerful Age calendar tool to perform everyday date arithmetic operations like addition/subtraction and to find intervals between two dates.

► Multiple date format options are available to choose.

► Find out the week days for next 10 birthdays or anniversary events.

► Pregnancy Due Date Calculator, Calculate your baby's due date!

► To check a given year is leap year or not.

► Weekday calculator to find a weekday for any given date that falls on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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Changelog / What's New

✓ Share calculation as a screenshot
✓ Show/Hide share result button on settings
✓ Sort family and friends data by month
✓ Backup and Restore family and friends data bug fixes and code optimization
✓ Miscellaneous improvements

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