StepSetGo (SSG) - Step Earn Redeem

StepSetGo (SSG) - Step Earn Redeem

Earn awesome rewards by walking. The more you walk the more you earn.

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Android 5.0+
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App description

Walk to earn free products with Step Set Go. Every 1000 steps rewards you with 1 SSG Coin. Use SSG Coins to buy awesome products in our Bazaar.

How it works:

Every step you take is rewarded with SSG Coins. These SSG Coins can be used to get products/discounts/services in the BAZAAR without spending any ACTUAL MONEY!

1000 steps = 1 SSG Coin

To motivate you along the journey of walking as much as possible (and so, earning as much as possible), we decided to make StepSetGo a bit of a game.

When you walk outside, you earn more SSG coins per step.

1000 Outdoor steps = 1.25 SSG Coins

The maximum SSG Coins you can earn in a day (Daily Limit), is based on how much you walk. As you walk more and earn more; you LEVEL UP. When you level up, your Daily Limit increases. However, if you get lazy and stop walking as much, you get levelled down and your Daily Limit decreases.

And to make the journey a lot more fun, you get to invite your friends, compete with them on a weekly Leaderboard, and earn bragging rights. All while earning more SSG Coins than ever.

World Leaderboard:
- Aim to be in the TOP 50 amongst all users on StepSetGo, and get the fame you deserve.

Friends' Leaderboard:
- Aim to win against your inner circle week after week, and be the champion amongst your friends.

So what are you waiting for... Step Set Go

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