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Android 4.0.3+
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App description

FaceAtom is an unofficial Facebook application for Android devices that resembles the Facebook Mobile Web Application before Facebook started removing features. Atom for Facebook is free of spyware, lite, customizable.

What makes the application awesome:
* TOR support
* Notification
* Show notification images
* Add current URL to home screen
* Block sponsored posts on News Feed (fixed)
* Dark look
* Copy currently viewed URL
* Possibility to change text size (text scale)
* Start with the most recent posts
* Confirm exiting the app
* Better update checking (more info, clickable)
* Notifications fully functional
* Touch.facebook.com is supported
* App checks for its updates
* Mobile Messenger integration. Drawer shortcut to messages opens mobile Messenger now (as well as a launcher shortcut and a message notification) - Facebook decided to disable messages tab soon
* Offline mode - When there is no network load pages from a database. It's not perfect and doesn't work for a dynamically loaded content automatically... but it may be useful!
* Message notifications (it's awesome!)
* Fullscreen video playback support (immersive mode)
* Hide news feed (to avoid sidetracking / procrastination)
* Hide sponsored posts & ads (beta)
* Hide people you may know
* Facebook Zero support (free mobile data transfer, GSM dependant)
* Quick Start Guide on app first run (learn the gestures)
* Modern design (Material)
* Always in your language
* No extra permissions (INTERNET only)

Changelog / What's New

TOR support introduced
Notification opens the specific link again
Turkish added

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