Free of spyware, lite, customizable

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Android 4.0.3+
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3.9 (78.0%) 151 votes

App description

FaceAtom is free of spyware, lite, customizable.

What makes the application awesome:
* TOR support
* Notification
* Show notification images
* Add current URL to home screen
* Block sponsored posts on News Feed (fixed)
* Dark look
* Copy currently viewed URL
* Possibility to change text size (text scale)
* Start with the most recent posts
* Confirm exiting the app
* Better update checking (more info, clickable)
* Notifications fully functional
* App checks for its updates
* Mobile Messenger integration. Drawer shortcut to messages opens mobile Messenger now (as well as a launcher shortcut and a message notification) - Facebook decided to disable messages tab soon
* Offline mode - When there is no network load pages from a database. It's not perfect and doesn't work for a dynamically loaded content automatically... but it may be useful!
* Message notifications (it's awesome!)
* Fullscreen video playback support (immersive mode)
* Hide news feed (to avoid sidetracking / procrastination)
* Hide sponsored posts & ads (beta)
* Hide people you may know
* Zero support (free mobile data transfer, GSM dependant)
* Quick Start Guide on app first run (learn the gestures)
* Modern design (Material)
* Always in your language
* No extra permissions (INTERNET only)

Changelog / What's New

Bug fixes and performance improvements

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