Herbs and plants

Herbs and plants

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Welcome to the magical tale of plants.
Discover the world of drugs and medicinal plants, where you will learn more about the sections of vitamins and minerals.
This medical encyclopedia of medicinal plants and herbs to help you find recipes for health and beauty.
Here you will find a herbalist handbook popular plants and herbs for professional use and just for lovers of flowers.
You can also find useful information not only where there is a medical drug, but also to introduce the study of useful properties of fruits and wild berries.
You get a comprehensive library of interesting facts about home and medical plants, where there are beautiful pictures and a full description of medicinal trav.Mnogie people think that fast diet to help them lose weight and live pripevayuchi.No such a diet for weight loss does not provide a full range of nutrition,
and some wonder why they feel tired and sick frequently or have other diseases.
Learn all about the different herbal remedies and their preventive and curative properties.
You can understand that this herbal medicine, which is the use of plant or herbal remedies.
It can be various medical drinks with a variety of medicinal properties such as raspberry tea with lemon and honey.
Learn how to cope with the pain using a standard plantain.
Or how to bewitch Man using mysterious bewitching zelya.Soderzhanie: - treatment travami- basic vitamins for vyzhivaniya- medical reference book Dictionary of edible and inedible plants and gribov- more than 500 pieces of beautiful live wallpaper with tsvetami- tropical herbs and medicinal preparations from them-
preparations of medicinal herbs pomace - the traditional and folk medicine prescription lekarey- old voodoo secrets of treatment of colds, recovery of male strength and healing ran- medical Terme
s offline - vitamins, minerals and herbs retsepty- medical tea (green tea as a cure) Use this medical application, to improve knowledge about the kinds of popular domestic and wild plants and herbs.
Medical Encyclopedia can serve as an educational game for children and their parents.
This app was designed to help you learn about herbal medicine, herbal remedies, which have legal protection, and their preventive and curative properties.
You can always brew black, fruit or berry tea on the basis of medicinal herbs.
And to know what the healing effect they have and how to use plants to cure disease and do not think about the illnesses and diseases.

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