Animal Hair and Beauty Salon - Best Free Kids Game

Animal Hair and Beauty Salon - Best Free Kids Game

Be a beauty therapist in your very own Animal Hair and Beauty Salon!

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Android 2.3+
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What could be cuter than a tiger cub? A tiger cub who's had a makeover! In Animal Hair and Beauty Salon, your kids can play at making animals beautiful.

There's lots of super cute and cuddly animals waiting: a big friendly dog, a cute little parrot, an adorable tiger cub, a prancing pony, a big-eyed panda bear, a proud lion, a soft and fluffy sheep - there's even an ostrich out here waiting to see you!

Choose who you're going to make beautiful first and then begin the transformation!

First, we need to trim off all their fur - it's a messy life being a furry animal, shave off all the extra fur and make them soft and fluffy again!

Now how about we spray a little conditioner on that hair? It looks all tangled and knotty. A puff here, a puff there and it's ready for brushing. It's your job to comb through all the knots and make it nice and tangle free so the scissors can do their job properly.

Hair ready for cutting? Okay, let’s get styling!

That looks great, but this is a beauty salon, we're not finished yet.

Grab your mousse and comb it in - it's rich and shiny and it needs to be spread all over their hair.

Don't leave it in for too long, take your customer to the sink and cover their hair in soapy shampoo - it looks like they’re wearing a bubble hat!

All the customers love having their hair washed, especially when we use the pretty flower shower - rinse off all those suds and bring them back into the salon.

Don't let them get cold, use your blow dryer to dry off their hair and keep them nice and warm.

It's looking good, now finish the job with the comb, one last chance to style it just right.

Beautiful, smooth, clean and pretty hair!

But what about those claws? They look dull and dirty. Let’s take out our nail brush and give them a scrub to shake out all the dirt and dust.

Want to make them even more pretty? Use the polisher and buff those nails up to a brilliant shine!

But couldn't we change their color, too? We can with the nail varnish! So much fun painting a dog's nails!

And now they look beautiful, we can dress them up! There's lots of pretty costumes to choose from for each and every animal in your salon. Match them with snazzy shades and pretty hats to make your animal customers the prettiest on the planet!

And don't forget to take a picture and share it with your friends - everyone loves cute animal pictures!

Animal Hair and Beauty Salon is a wonderful beauty simulation game where your kids can have hours of fun dressing up their cute and cuddly friends and making them look as beautiful as they can be! And best of all, they learn all about life inside a beauty salon!

PinkyTale Games - we're here to help your children learn and have the most fun doing it!

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