Horoscope Pro -  Free Zodiac Sign Reading

Horoscope Pro - Free Zodiac Sign Reading

Read your daily zodiac sign and see what will happen

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Android 4.1+
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App description

Horoscope Pro, the free horoscope app that will explain your life and future.

⭐️Special Features

★ One app in hand for all zodiac sign reading
★ Free professional zodiac horoscope tips for daily life
★ Read daily/weekly/monthly/yearly zodiac horoscope predictions in 2018
★ Fortune rating of love/career/money/health
★ Your own horoscope characteristic analysis specialist
★ Secret crystal ball always bring you advice according to your puzzles
★ Scratch a piece of paper, get your lucky number & color for today

Detailed description available for all

♈ Aries 
♉ Taurus 
♊ Gemini 
♋ Cancer
♌ Leo 
♍ Virgo 
♎ Libra 
♏ Scorpio 
♐ Sagittarius 
♑ Capricorn 
♒ Aquarius 
♓ Pisces

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