Dokk OS

Dokk OS

A recreation of Dokkaebi's "Dokk OS," as well as a simulated hack override.

App details

Android Varies with device
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App description

A recreation (or creation, since it technically didn't exist until now) of Dokk OS. The main GUI replicates the GUI featured on Dokkaebi's tablet in game, and functions as one would expect. The center of the screen features a list of paired bluetooth devices which can be 'hacked' by checking them and pressing the large "run hack" button on the right side. The app also features an alarm which triggers the hack on your own device at a designated time.

To 'hack' other devices, both must have the app installed and initialized. The app does not need to be open on the receiving device, nor does the device have to be awake or unlocked. Both devices must also be paired via bluetooth.

Changelog / What's New

-Added Bluetooth capability to allow communication between devices
-Slightly modified center UI
-Made it so that hacks from other devices do not allow full access to receiving device (for security reasons)
-Added device filtering
-Added bluetooth discoverability shortcut in settings menu
-Rerouted self-hacking through the device selection list

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