Ranch Stampede

Ranch Stampede

Collect bulls to your pride and crush everything, break out from the ranch.

Game details

Android 4.1+
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2.5 (49.8%) 1,630 votes

Game description

Ranch Stampede - this cool game for all ages, easy-to-learn controls, addictive gameplay mechanics.
The goal of the game is to create in a short time the largest herd of bulls on the ranch, break combine and obstacles, collect coins.
Gather bulls, rush through ranch with your herd of bulls and destroy everything on your way.
The more bulls you have and the more you find, the bigger your herd becomes, but you must always remember about combines that could catch bulls from herd and sharpen them in a cage, beware of it, otherwise if they catch all bulls you will have to start game again .
Don’t forget that you can destroy combines in a frontal collision.
Play Ranch Stampede and become a leader. Prove that you are the biggest crowd in the ranch!

Build your herd now.
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