Your Animal : Enchant RPG

Your Animal : Enchant RPG

How strong is your animal? Enchant RPG

Game details

Android 5.0+
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4.0 (79.3%) 488 votes

Game description

Sensibility Fullness Dungeon RPG
Foster animals to explore the dungeon and compete against other animals!
How strong is your animal?

- Explore the dungeons to get gold and jewels, and try my animal limit!
- Conquer Animal Towers to buy more animals!
- Win a high tier in VS mode! Until the day that I become a challenger ...
- You can collect better animals by POWER UP / CLASS UP / FUSION. So do not give up!

Changelog / What's New

2. Added AD
-Acquire 40% EnchantStone
-Acquire sale AD
3.Delete AD from the menu
4. Ability to acquire enhant stone in daily dungeon
5. Increase the probability of acquiring the high EnchantStone when selling

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