Autoharp for the Blind Pro

Autoharp for the Blind Pro

Autoharp musical instrument.. press the chord keys and strum the strings!

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Android 2.3.3+
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3.4 (68.9%) 18 votes

App description

This is a simple musical instrument.

Press and hold down a chord button on left side with your left thumb or index finger and strum strings on right hand side with your right thumb or index finger. Like a real Autoharp, when you press a chord button only the strings for that chord will be playable while holding the chord button.

Press and hold down a chord button down for 5 seconds to set new chord with your voice speech recognition. ("Hint: you can also say things like Apple Major Seventh instead of A Major Seventh for improved speech accuracy)

Press and hold down strings to switch to one of five built in sounds.

Try using this app with headphones for more bass and a nice stereo effect!

Note: This app was originally designed for the blind/visually impaired but kids and everyone else like it too.. See if you can learn to play it with your eyes closed!

Hint: If you are new to playing music a lot of songs can be played just using the C major, F major and G or G7 chord patterns. You can also Google things like "amazing Grace chords" to find websites that have free chord sheet listings for most songs.

Changelog / What's New

Fixed intermittent volume out of range crash bug

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