Whatever... Voice To Do List

Whatever... Voice To Do List

Simple voice to do list

App details

Android 2.1+
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3.4 (67.1%) 14 votes

App description

Simple to do list using speech to text

Enter items with microphone or keyboard
Assign priority
Check off items
Arrange items
Edit and email list
See graph of important tasks completed

Top 6 items are highlighted

I use this app myself to quickly jot down things I have to do.
I also use this along with Tree Task which I use to break down more complicated projects.

This is a very good book on to-do lists and keep in mind that my app is more of a "brain dump" but still pretty useful I think:

Changelog / What's New

Now supports non English characters
Bug fixes
Added option to view graph by 7 or 30 day windows

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