Beautiful, accurate and animated weather from WetterOnline!

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Android 4.1+
Get Weather for Free on Google Play
4.5 (90.6%) 21,703 votes

App description

The weather is beautiful and animated!

See realistic rain, snow or thunderstorm weather animations, sun rays for clear days, the moon’s glow and the stars at night, shooting stars, moving clouds and many more weather animations.

Prepare for your day with accurate current conditions, chance of precipitation, hourly and daily forecasts.

- Animated current weather conditions.
- Hourly forecast graph for the next 48 hours.
- 10-days weather forecast.
- Chance of precipitation for hourly and daily forecasts.
- Scroll down for details: wind, pressure, sunrise/sunset, UV, humidity and dew point.
- Severe weather alerts.
- Track weather conditions for all your favorite cities and destinations.

We are committed to building the best weather app and would love to hear your feedback.

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Changelog / What's New

- Fixed an issue with text alignment on the “10 Days” page
- Optimized to use less storage on the device
- Added support for 64 bit devices
- Other small fixes and optimizations

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