Sludge Procreator

Sludge Procreator

Build your own farm, populated by space creatures!

Game details

Android 4.1+
50,000 - 100,000
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2.2 (43.4%) 1,062 votes

Game description

Farmer's business seems to you something boring? This game will completely change your mind! Build a ranch, catch unusual animals on different planets, travel to different countries, take care of the caught animals - prove yourself a slime rancher of extra-class!

The place of action of this game is a distant galaxy, where life is practically on every planet. On one of the planets, the main heroine of the game resides - a tireless researcher who devoted her life to discovering and studying new species of animals. And then one day in her head emerges a grand idea - to build your own ranch, where she can breed animals, thereby combining a favorite occupation and making a profit. Without wasting time, an enterprising scientist starts to work!

After the completion of the construction of the ranch, the question arises - who is the most ranch inhabited? But the heroine and this is the answer. She knows that on several planets there are many kinds of cosmic slugs - small funny creatures, similar to moving multicolored jelly clots. Here is their brave rancher and decides to make the mucus inhabitants of his ranch.

You have to do a real hunt for jelly-like slugs. For their search you will visit many planets, each of which has its own unique climate and weather conditions. There are a lot of slug types, and each of them has its own peculiarities. To catch these slime creatures, you will have at your disposal a vacuum blaster - a unique device that catches slugs in the manner of a vacuum cleaner, compressing and reducing them so that it neutralizes their weight and does them no harm. But even with such a formidable weapon, the capture of slime creatures is quite difficult, as some of them are able to move quickly or to fight off attacks. Use your trick and dexterity to the maximum!

Show that you are able to perfectly interact with the world of wildlife, albeit aliens!

Changelog / What's New

- added new planets for hunting
- Added multiplayer mode
- a laboratory for the study of slimes was opened
- fixed bugs

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