Super Fast Solar Battery Charger Prank

Super Fast Solar Battery Charger Prank

The best way simulator to charge your phone. fast and environmental friendly.

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Android 4.0+
100,000 - 500,000
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App description

Solar Battery Charger Prank doesn't charge in actual and extend batterylife but behave like charging battery by using solar power. This app is only for prank and entertainment.
All that you want to do is place your phone under sunlight, then start super fast solar battery charger prank, the application will charge automatically charge solar battery.
Simply start fast phone charger app put it in the sun and watches as it regenerates your smart phones battery.
If you cover the solar panel with your hand in the evening, then the solar power charging will not start.
Tell your friends about this batter charger application and prank them.
Recharger Charge your phone on the go anywhere anytime with very little sun or light brightness, solar charger is wireless charger and fast charging designed to charge you mobile with sun light so you can prank your friends, just install our speed charge solar charger app and put your solar cell phone under
sunlight or any other lighting source after that you will see that your phone will start

super fast charger solar battery prank will charger your android phone with the power of sun. Solar battery charger prank uses the phone's light sensor to charge battery of mobile. super battery charger Use light sensor with charger faster solar panel to quick charging your phone. shows your battery level stigende & Battery status is showing you as really charging the battery.

- Solar quick charger booster prank
- Use light sensor with solar panel to quick charging your phone
- Show a notification when your phone is fully charged
- Wonderful charging theme, useful and friendly
- Looking like realistic speed charge Solar Panel.
- Beautiful charging interface.
- Solar charging app simulator Easy and freely use prank games
- No internet required for solar games so you can use this application on the go.

So saved be electricity and prank your friends like your phone will charged via solar battery charger.

Disclaimer: Solar Battery Charger is a battery power saver entertainment and prank application which is developed for enjoymentr while charging mobile phone through solar light is not possible. slor sometime it may damage it. Please do not place your phone under sunlight to avoid being damaged.

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