Volume Booster - MP3 Equalizer - Music Player

Volume Booster - MP3 Equalizer - Music Player

🎷 Volume booster - Music Equalizer app Increase your max volume by the loudness

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Android 4.0.3+
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App description

🎷 🎺 Music Player - High Volume Booster - Sound Changer is a easy-to-use Equalizer with Bass booster, Volume booster and 3D Virtualizer effects! ❤️
🔊 Improve the sound of your music, Implying unprecedented sound quality! 🎊🎉💯

Android Music MP3 Equalizer - Volume Booster which combines the built-in sound effect to your musical experience!Its powerful equalizer, can fulfill all your musical needs

If using earphones or small laptop speakers, moving the slider past the halfway point will lead to crackling noise
There are Music Player - Volume Booster also themes to make it look how you want. You’ll also find widgets, tag editing, and more customization settings. It’s a powerful player that seems to strike the right chord with almost everyone.

It is also a sound changer, Change the speed and pitch of your songs and audio, listening to your modified music!
Bass Booster - Volume Booster can increase sound volume if the current system volume is at maximum.

♫ Mp3 Player – Music Player For Android All Format: AAC, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, FLAC, MP3, MIDI, Vorbis, PCM/WAVE, Opus, lossless …♫

♪ MP3 Music player in home and lock screen ♪
- Swipe music in home screen and lock screen

♪ Visualizer Music Booster - Bass Booster ♪
- Speaker Booster - Increase Amplifier Sound is modern designed music visualizer, which can be used as fully-featured music player at the same time. Sound Booster support about 20 templates visualize

♪ MP3 Music Equalizer - Volume Booster more amazing free online music centre ♪
- Connected with abundant music library, you can easliy find any music you like.
- Mp3 player automatically recommend the hotest, latest and interesting content for different kinds of you.

♪ Android Music Player Powerful Equalizer ♪
- 5 bands equalizer and pre-set music tone styles for your choice (Hip hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Normal, Classic, Dance, Folk, Heavy...)
- Support Bass Boost, Virtualizer and Reverb For Android

♪ Beautiful themes Music Equalizer ♪
- Notification bar - mini music player on lock screen. Show album artwork, titles and artists. Include buttons in control bar like: play, pause, skip and stop.

♪ Perfect Support Performance Music Equalizer - Volume Booster ♪
- Headset/Bluetooth Controls
- All popular Android device types including PAD & PHONE.
- All the Most Popular Music File Formats (AAC, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, FLAC, MP3, MIDI, Vorbis, PCM/WAVE, Opus, lossless

♫ Key Features for Android Music Equalizer - Volume Booster - Sound Changer:
★ Four great themes - Gloss Theme, Light Theme , Dark Theme and Black Theme
★ 25 amazing backgrounds for Gloss theme through in-app purchases
★ Lock screen controls with Full Screen Album Art
★ Cool Seamless transitions and animations
★ Built-in 5 Band Equalizer with Bass Boost, 3D Reverb Effects, Virtualizer & 10 amazing presets
★ Ringtone Cutter to precisely cut any mp3 file
★ High Volume Booster for android phone
★ Music Android pro Power Share
★ Sound Changer Music player with lyrics
★ Music player mp3 for android
★ Swipe to change songs in Play Screen
★ Edit metadata about tracks, albums, artists, genres
★ Music Player For Android All Format Widget Support
★ Sound Changer For music Android
★ Bass boost effect
★ Media volume control
★ Stereo surround sound effect
★ Sound Changer - Music booster for headphones
★ Music Player Sleek, intuitive and beautifully crafted User Interface and Media Controls

💎 Android Music Player - Sound Changer - MP3 Equalizer is an all-in-one bass booster & equalizer, that offers brilliant sound quality 🎷 🎺 🎸 🎻
♫ Hope you can enjoy this Music Player - High Volume Booster - Sound Changer !!

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