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Face Secret & Daily Tarot

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Are you curious about your face secrets? Want to know your own personality or future? Our app will tell Tarot lovers what will happen in the future and give the guidance. Combining esoteric Tarot traditions with Face analysis, you can get more Accurate & Professional predictions to fill your curiosity. No more wasting time! It is the best app for you to seek for a deeper understanding of yourself, and reveal fortune secrets!


- Face reading
Accurate Face Analysis are offered here to help you to find out yourself better than ever. You only need to take photos of your face or upload a pic, after that, get a full report of your face secrets directly, including the analysis of face size, type, wrinkles or line.

-Daily Tarot
Easy access to Standard 78 Tarot Card Spreads here. Select a Tarot card, and get Sophisticated & Specific readings of every card in every position. In this way, you will get deeper insights and advice in your future, specializing love, relationship, career, health, money, astrology and more.

-Quick Update
New elements will be daily updated to make sure that you can always keep pace of UpToDate & Real-time Tarot spreads & Forecasts!

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