I am rich

I am rich

I am rich: The most expensive app ever. A rich person's ID card.

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Android 4.0.3+
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3.9 (77.1%) 4,493 votes

App description

The original I am rich bit version

(Costliest app on the play store)

This app will be the proof of you being super rich. It will act like a symbol of honour which will show that you are so rich that you can buy apps that cost a lot and still do nothing.

(The most expensive app on the playstore)

I am rich! I am rich!

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I am rich! I am rich!

*This app does not have any function but just acts as a symbol*

Purchased the application accidentally? Do not worry. Email us at the developer email address with your transaction details.

Changelog / What's New

Now compatible with Android Oreo and Pie
Now compatible with older android versions.
Now you can share your splendid purchase with your friends.

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