Super Stars Lite - Chores & Reward Chart

Super Stars Lite - Chores & Reward Chart

Lite version of the best Reward Chart solution for your family's tasks

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Android 4.0.3+
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Do you want your child to take more responsibility around the house?
Or are you struggling with behaviour and need an incentive for your child to be good?

This excellent value, reward system encourages both of those things.
It is a positive and consistent approach to dealing with behaviour at home and is a long-term solution that will bring tranquillity to the house and encourage more quality family time.

This is the Lite version of the Super Stars full version app. For an additional price you can switch over to using the full version app at any time, with all its great features, and all your data will be there automatically. Your logon will work the same. No fuss.

This app is designed to teach your child (or your husband/wife) the value of earning rewards from carrying out chores. It allows you to set tasks, such as 'Clean your teeth every night at bedtime', 'Finish your homework by 5pm' or 'Clear the table after dinner every day'.
You can also get daily reminder notifications every morning.

The parent and the child users have their own logon, avatar and theme. All data is held securely in the cloud so everyone sees the same data instantly, across all phones and tablets.

When your child completes the task, they confirm in the app and, after you have approved, their own Star Points or virtual Money balance will be credited.
You can also use it to monitor and manage virtual pocket money.

Once downloaded this is fully functional, with NO ADVERTS and NO IN-APP PURCHASES.

Although this is the Lite version of the Super Stars app, you can still create any task and assign it to your child; your child can then log in on their phone and tablet and say when done; they can then receive Star Points or virtual Money. It is still full of great features at a very low cost.
This app differs from the full version of Super Stars:
- It will only allow the creation of one parent user and one child user.
- The choice of avatars are limited to the four free ones.
- There is no Rewards library, or Reward Store screen, allowing the Star points to be 'spent'.
- There is no approvals screen, allowing the parent to approve tasks or reward purchases.

So try it now and see how it really will bring your family together, through:
- Make your child feel in control which brings self-esteem
- Motivation to carry out tasks
- Work with, not against, your child to achieve their goals
- No more need for piggy banks. Kids can easily buy things when they are out, by you 'removing' the money from the Bank screen.
- Children are taught the value of saving
- Greater tranquillity
- More quality family time

Key Features:
- See your tasks each day, along with what you need to do to complete.
- View your Star points or Money balances.
- Each task allows a text conversation thread, if you wanted to include messages, such as why it's not approved.
- Admins (Mum/Dad) can also scroll through their family members to see how everyone is doing.

- When a task is completed, or when a completed task is approved, the childs Start points or Money balance is credited.
- The Bank will show all transactions.
- Admins can also manually debit or credit, both Start points and Money from the account. This allows Super Stars Lite to also be great for managing pocket money and allowances.

- The Parent user can easily assign tasks to your child from their task library.
- Tasks can be assigned on a very flexible set of time deadlines and frequencies, such as 'by Bedtime every day', or 'Every Sunday'.

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Changelog / What's New

Fixed defects in many screens where double-tapping on buttons and links would cause errors.

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