Mobile Phone Tracker and Gps Locator

Mobile Phone Tracker and Gps Locator

Gps Tracker helps to find a person's location with or without GPS accurately

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Android 4.2+
USK: All ages
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App description

Gps Tracker:
Gps Tracker On Demand functions, features and benefits include:

GPS Tracker App uses GPS coordinates and progressive GPS location knowledge to report the period of time whereabouts of your friends and Family members. merely install the GPS Tracker app on your phone and your friends’ phones.GPS Tracker App allows you to add a person and find his real time GPS coordinates using his mobile phone. The Gps Tracker App greatly help people in tracking employees,students or children who may be travelling and reaching a destination. The Gps Tracker App does not receive continous data from GPS but receives coordinates only when there is a request thus the battery consumption would be lot lesser.At a certain point of time if GPS does not provide data the telecom network co-ordinates Since it won't run any background Services in your phone, it is so much battery friendly.

Solid Mobile Phone Tracker:

GPS Phone Tracking can pinpoint the area of enlisted cell phones, PDAs and even old school highlight telephones through the application's site, day in and day out. Simply sign in and your telephone will show up as a symbol. Tap on the symbol to see the area of the missing cell phone. This GPS telephone GPS beacon assists with Androids as well. It gets to GPS Android information to pinpoint the area of missing Droids.

Imaginative and Versatile Phone Locator:

Do you always lose your PDA and are sick of asking other individuals (companions or family) to enable you to discover it or on the off chance that they've seen it? GPS Tracker can offer assistance. Its cutting edge GPS framework can watch enlisted telephones, utilizing satellites to triangulate the correct area of each telephone enrolled to your record. In the event that a telephone is ever out of satellite view, GPS Tracking On Demand utilizes triangulation by means of the closest mobile phone tower and the wireless bearer's information to decide the missing telephone's area. This flexible telephone locator likewise offers printer-accommodating bearings to the lost telephone's area.

Gps Tracker Usage:
Fleet management
Employee location tracking
Recover Lost phone
Event planning

How to use Tracking:
Download the Gps Tracker App and register yourself and you will be assigned a unique id.
you can get your Unique ID in Add User section.Share it with your Friends.
Add the person to be tracked using his unique id and email id.
Send request and receive his location coordinates accurately.

Gps Tracker main Advantages:
It doesn't run any background services in your phone.
It can get your friends,workers location even they turned off GPS.
Since it is a on demand tracker the battery consumption will happen only during a location request.
If GPS is not available the telecom network location would be identified and that co-ordinates would be received.
The size of the GPS Tracker app would be lot lesser than other Apps due to its innovative technical design.

Changelog / What's New

Minor UI changes
Bug fixes

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