Timestamp Camera : VHS Time, Date - Photo vs Video

Timestamp Camera : VHS Time, Date - Photo vs Video

timestamp camera free app create VHS Time, Date - Photo vs Video

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Android 4.3+
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Timestamp Camera : VHS Time, Date - Photo vs Video is the best(maybe only) app to add timestamps to new videos.

Camera Timestamp can add non-forged date, time, location and GPS watermark on photo and video. By getting the current time from the network, the photo and video will still have a real time watermark even if the user changes the phone time.

VHS Time, Date can be used in a variety of occasions which need real time and location, such as the work report of the construction site , traffic accident scene, goods transfer, private detective work, evidence of borrowed items and so on.

Add timestamps to a single video or multiple videos at once! Use with all your favorite camera applications!
Select the videos you want to stamp and let the this app do all the processing in the background while you use other apps.

Video Timestamp Add-On is NOT a camera application; rather, it creates time-stamped copies of videos taken by other camera applications.

● VHS Time, Date add current time and location when recording videos or taking photos, you can change time format or select the location around easily. Timestamp Camera is the only App that can record video with the time watermark accurate to millisecond(0.001 second)
- 61 timestamp formats
- Change font, font color, font size
- Set timestamp in 7 positions: top left, top center, top right, bottom left, bottom center, bottom right, center
- Auto add location address and GPS
- Change timestamp opacity and background
- Add altitude and speed on camera
- VHS Time, Date add custom text above the date/time stamp
- Choose a date/time format from many available formats
- Add your own custom date/time format (full version only)
- Choose a text color – any color you want
- Timestamp photo and video free
- Choose a text size – automatic or choose your own size
- Text outline - make your text more visible when the text color is similar to its background color.
- Text location – lower left corner, lower right corner, upper left corner and upper right corner, lower center, upper center
- Support many text fonts
- VHS Time, Date Geostamp - include location of the photo (optional).
- VHS Time, Date print a logo on photos
- Camera date and time stamp free

• Take vintage video in retro style. 20 retro camera effects with beautiful 35mm noise & scratches.
• Make your video looks like it's 90's

• Low contrast and a lot of scratches will remind your old camera that are awesome looking and always attract attention of friends and family.

• Use the vintage filters to make beautiful video
• Decorate your video with Vintage Camera

• This vintage camera takes your photos and videos to the next level with old camera effects and polaroid frames.

• Support live view of the effects. What you see in the viewfinder is what you get.
• Apply and adjust effects while playing a vintage video from library.

► VHS Camcorder Camera - Glitch Effects allows users to film videos with a vintage feel in a number of different filters and frames. It looks good in B/W, classic 35mm and more.

Finally, a fully functional camera that prints date/time and location (optional) on your photos and videos as you take them!

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