Cartoon Camera HD

Cartoon Camera HD

Add cartoon filter to your camera.

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Android 4.0+
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App description

Change your world into cartoon! "Cartoon Camera HD" converts your camera view into cartoon-like picture.
This awesome tool generates live view, which is similar to picture painted by hand on white piece of paper and colored using crayons or pastels. It is almost like a sketch.
Use this app to see how would the world moved into your favorite tv cartoon look like.

How does it work?:
This app uses advanced image processing algorithm to cartoonize view from you build-in camera. User can adjust cartoonify
quality level and color sensitivity / saturation to make final view the most similar to real cartoon view.

This app gives you also ability to take photos using instant button. All photos are saved in photo album.

Cartoon Camera HD features:
-easy to use
-smooth camera view (for low quality, resolution settings)
-3 cartoon effect quality levels
-ability to adjust color saturation / sensitivity
-ability to change camera resolution
-instant button for photo taking

We have bonus! You will get beautiful beach wallpaper in cartoon style and widget to run app directly from home screen.

Disclaimer: Cartoon image processing is very complex and it requires powerful cpu for smooth live camera view. Choosing high
resolution with high cartoon quality can slow down camera view drastically. Moreover high settings can cause unexpected app termination due to
not enough phone memory. It all depends on your phone vendor and model. In case of any above problems please change all settings to minimum.

Changelog / What's New

? 64-bit support
? No ADS!

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