Massager Vibration App : for women & girls

Massager Vibration App : for women & girls

Best vibration app for women & girls - pleasure body massager - sleep sounds

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Android 4.1+
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App description

🥕Do you need a vibration app? You need a vibrating massage? This app is for you!
This is a simulated vibrating app. It turns your phone into a strong vibration massage machine. You can also relax and sleep with natural sounds, music for meditation, white noise and relaxations. It is very simple, easy to use with nice user interface.

🍌 Functions:
- Body parts massage
- Relaxing wherever that you want
- Sleeping with nature sounds, sleepy sounds such as: rain sounds, rain & thunder sound, sea waves sound, bird singing and much more...
- White noise sound player with timer can work as sleep app

🍆 How can it work:
- Vibrate the phone constantly, constant vibration
- Vibrate the phone for a long time, long vibrations
- Vibrate the phone intermittent vibration rhythm
- Nature sounds will give you a relaxing moment and a deep sleep
- White noise sounds will help you meditate easily

Notice: the strength of the vibration depends on the hardware on your device

😍 Who can use it?
Massager Vibration App for women & girls can be used for all age groups, all genders, women's massage machine. It will help you relax, relieve pain, fast fall asleep and have great moments.

Vibrate app massager use for relaxing and entertainment purpose only. It is only complementary solution, not a substitute for professional massage equipment. Using applications with long time could affect device hardware, as well as the battery life of the device.

❤ Hope you enjoy vibration app massager. We thank you for reviews/comments,
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Changelog / What's New

Fix bugs and increase performance

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