Monkey Island

Monkey Island

A Islands Check point systemCasual Parkour game you can play it in ur free time

Game details

Android 4.4+
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4.5 (89.4%) 1,535 votes

Game description

A Islands Check point system
Casual Parkour game you can play it in ur free time ,Monkey Bobo shuttles between different islands in the game
Avoid Gorillas
Cross over cannibal flowers
Dodge the thorn bush
The most interesting jungle parkour game is on Monkey Island.

"- Never ending Pirate Jungle Parkour!
  - Cute cartoon characters!
  - Keep harassing enemies!
  - Run, jump, swing to the vine to collect coins!
  - Get more bananas and enjoy unlimited free running!"

"Simple click control:
  - Power Jump - Tap two time, and maintain an extra long jump!
  - Large gliding - When in the air, tap and keep sliding in the clouds!
  - Super Landing - When in the air, gliding down faster, knocking down enemies that block your progress!"

Run, jump, and rush through jungle islands to help our monkeys swing on the vines
and become the fastest runners in the island jungle!

Changelog / What's New

Increase the free way to get gold coins in the game
Increase the amount of the game for a limited time
Optimization of the game interface
Increased multi-national language selection

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