Female Workout at home - lose fat& Calorie scanner

Female Workout at home - lose fat& Calorie scanner

Suitable for women to exercise at home, can also be used as a calorie scanner

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Android 4.0+
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Female workout - lose weight at home
Workout at home with no equipment needed, and u can get the perfect body you want by exercise.

This is a tailor-made fitness product for women that does not require any equipment and can easily workout at home anytime, anywhere.
The workout plan, scientifically arrange exercise and rest time. Exercise properly and rest reasonably can help you exercise safer.
Professional action guidance, detailed description of each action, simulation animation, and live video assisted teaching to help you easily control the action.
We have abs workout, hip workout and full body workout, which can help you effectively develop muscle lines to achieve weight loss, shape, enhance physical fitness or enhance strength.

We also offer recipes for fitness programs that recommend daily calorie intake based on your fitness goals. Every meal recommended is nutritionally balanced and you can clearly see their calories. Plus, you can scan your prepared food and learn about its calories with a single click.
We recommend slimming by sticking to exercise and a healthy diet. As a partner in your fitness, we will urge you to exercise daily punching and daily punching.
You can see your workout record and weight changes in the report. At the same time, the report automatically calculates the BMI based on your height and weight, and scientifically knows your physical condition.

-- Diverse workout plan
-- No equipment required
-- Animation and video guide
-- Tracking weight changes
-- Tracking the progress of weight loss
-- Track calories burned
-- Training diet guidance
-- Daily diet record
 - Calorie scanner

- Suitable for everyone, who is a beginner or a fitness person

Download now, keep exercising, to have a better body together!

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