TelePlus - 免翻牆電報

TelePlus - 免翻牆電報

TelePlus - 免翻牆電報" is an UNOFFICIAL messaging app that uses Telegram's API

App details

Android 4.2+
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App description

** Official Site:
** Official Telegram Group: @TelePlus_Group
** Official Telegram Channel: @TelePlus_Channel
** Contact Us :
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"TelePlus - 免翻牆電報" is a messaging app that uses Telegram's API.

"TelePlus - 免翻牆電報" add extra usefull features to the official Telegram app.

"TelePlus - 免翻牆電報" is free and it'll always be and bypass internet circumstances.

Feel free to share it with your friends in China/Russia/Iran. Have a nice days😃.


- Online Contacts.
- Separating channels and groups and chats.
- Copy part of text/posts.
- Record anonymous audio/voice.
- See the whole User's post in the Group/SuperGroups.
- See the Unique ID of Channels/Groups/Users.
- See the whole Creator & admins of Groups/Supergroups in the top level of user group lists.
- Advanced/Multiple/NoQuote Forward.
- Hide when you're typing the text.
- Remove Deleted members in groups
- Changed Max dialogs pinned count in TelePlus settings
- Compatible with Android P
- Online/Offline typing toast
- Restrict users in group
- Mark all as read in current tab
- Clear all history in current tab
- Remove add accounts limitation
- Bold/Italic/creating links part of text

<<"TelePlus - 免翻牆電報" is an UNOFFICIAL messaging app that uses Telegram's API>>

Changelog / What's New

Updated to telegram 5.9
Supported animated stickers
Added anonymouse voice record
Added anonymouse voice record effects
Added repeat message button
Added send to cloud button
Added go to first message
Added confirm send sticker
Added confirm send voice message
Added clear all cache menu item
Added mark all message as read menu item
Added mute channel after join
Added translate message option
Show/Hide phone number
Show/Hide channel mute button

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