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Insta Story - 2019 Best IG Story Maker for Instagram

Insta Story can help you easily create beautiful story by remixing your own photos&videos, which will make your story unique and popular. Let's unfold your IG story and grab your followers' attention!

- Beautiful templates with instagram effects to create story and design story lab for instagramstories,instories.
- Choose photos or VIDEOS to make beautiful stories with our fancy templates filters.
- Dozens of images and background story colors from this story editor and free collage for instagram artists.
- Layout to combine photo mix and make background story with instagram effects.
- Multiple sources to create background story and template design story, let your texts nicer insta story highlight cover.
- Export in high quality and speed by this story editor-insta story highlight cover,instories.
- Insta story maker is storyluxe with instagram effects and unfold your IG story.
- Use to photo mix and photo split for instagramstories,instories.
- Story template and background story art in story maker-insta story highlight cover.
-This background story maker is easy to create story lab with instagram effects.
- This pic collage maker is free collage for instagram artists to hype type text story.
Choose one layout to make story lab, make collage art and be a IG story editor. insta story is the best app to create story lab and template design story lab.It can create story art and it’s a good storyluxe filters.The layout from instagram effects is nice in this photo split. Story design lab app for instagram artists to hype type text story.

- Multiple customizable insta fashion layout templates from this story editor-insta story highlight cover.
- Insta fashion:Pic collage maker can combine photo mix-mojo to hype type text story.
- The layout from instagram is free insta fashion collage for instagramstories.
- Different style of template design to make collage art and create story template design in this storyluxe, Story design lab app for instagram.
- Try various IG story template and story art snapgram-mojo to hype type text story.
- Combine photo mix can shape layout from instagram artists.

- Make insta fashion preview story snapgram-mojo.
- Change the background color to match your photo, create story and template design story snapgram easily for instagramstories-insta story highlight cover
- Select your photo as background, make unique collage art-mojo.
- Combine photos to create story art-mojo.
- Good storyluxe snapgram and story collage maker.
- Filters for instories maker.
- Combine photo split is free collage snapgram to hype type text story.
- Use layout from instagram artists for preview photo split.

Other tools:
- Sticker: customize your template and layout from instagram, make insta fashion story and collage art.
- Text: awesome fonts to create story and design story for instagramstories.
- Filters: high quality filters in this story editor and pic collage maker in this Story design lab app for instagram artists, instories maker.

Changelog / What's New

What's new in this version:
- *NEW: Add animated templates:create an animated Video for your story.
- Improved animation preservation and reduced save time.
- Home interface optimization, better user experience.
Thanks for creating with Insta Story!

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