Space Galaxy Wallpaper HD Pro

Space Galaxy Wallpaper HD Pro

Choose & Mix images of space planets(20 HD wallpaper for each planet&"sun&moon")

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Android 4.1+
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4.2 (84.0%) 75 votes

App description

Space Galaxy Wallpaper HD Pro provides stunning HD wallpapers for all the solar system planets .
Sun & Moon included .

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Space Galaxy Wallpaper HD is the first app to provide mixing wallpaper by user .

No need to network connectivity , Once you downloaded the app all images are available for you to set as a new wallpaper for your device .

No in-app purchases
No advertisements

Simple UI

Easy to use :

1) Just choose the space background you want .
2) Choose your favorite planet .
3) Choose if you want to show planet name or not .
4) Hit the "set wallpaper" button .
And you are done :D

Finally don't forget to rate Us & give us your feedback . We care about your opinion .

{ Electronic Evolution Company }

{ Space Galaxy Wallpaper HD Pro }

Careful the app is for phones at the first place , it might not work perfectly on tablets .

Changelog / What's New

*Bunch Of New Backgrounds :D
*New Cool & Nice UI :D
*More Easy To Use :D

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