Soocii - live stream games, chat, hangout

Soocii - live stream games, chat, hangout

Soocii lets you live-stream mobile games free while voice-chatting with friends

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Android 5.0+
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App description

Soocii has created a whole new way to hangout while live streaming your games;
“Soocii’s Live Streaming Circle” for mobile games combines features like live streaming, screen-sharing, recording, highlight reel editing, finding new friends, and best of all, one-touch to start streaming directly from your games, no switching task required!

★ One-Touch to Stream
Powerful. The most intuitive mobile live streaming technology, just one-touch on the “S” floating button and start streaming directly from your game app, wherever, whenever. Everything under your control—adjust sound, camera resolution, and other helpful settings at anytime.

★ Screen Capture & Recording
Document your winning moments and epic battles to show off to the gaming world, or share with close friends in your private circle. One-touch on the “S” floating button to screen capture or start recording right now.

★ Edit with Ease
Easily edit to create highlight reels from your screen recordings, and share those glorious moments or watch them to relive the fun!

★ Real-Time Voice & Text
The fun multiplies when you share the adventure with friends! Find new friends and join existing friends to watch each other play games, form alliances, or talk strategy! Soocii’s real-time voice talk and texting function also allows multiple parties to chat while live streaming.

★ Discover New Games & New Friends
Want to meet the pros or discover hot, new games? Check out Soocii’s “Discover” feature for the latest and hottest games and live streamers! Interact with them by following, liking, or commenting and there’s a good chance they’ll follow you back!

★ Pro Tips & News
With our smart algorithms, Soocii is able to provide gaming news and information relevant to you and even suggest new friends you might be interested to connect with!

Changelog / What's New

What's new v 1.0.2238
1. Bug fixes and UI optimization.

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