Minesweeper Pro

Minesweeper Pro

Give your brain a challenge by playing the classic brain game.

Game details

Android 2.3+
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4.6 (91.6%) 8,070 votes

Game description

This is the ad-free version. Enjoy the classic look and feel of the game as you work to mark the mines without uncovering one. You use the numbers of a revealed square to tell you how many mines are next to that square. Using logic, you figure out where the mines are and mark them. Watch out! If you make a mistake, a mine will explode!

The app features a clean interface and the minefield fits to your screen size.

There are three themes available: Classic, Light, and Dark.

Changelog / What's New

Enjoy the classic brain game!
1.2.5 New translations added.
1.2.4 Improved handling for newer devices that can resize screen.
1.2.3 Improved handling of restarting a game and orientation change.
1.2.2 Added leaderboards and achievements! Added ability to save game. Fixed minor issues.
1.1.9 Fixed issue with saving scores.
1.1.8 Added option to disable/enable animation.
1.1.7 Improved timer appearance. Fixed issue with saving score multiple times.

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