Email Address Extractor

Email Address Extractor

Extract email address from text, website & plain text files and export to Excel

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Android 4.1+
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App description

Email Extractor is a very powerful and professional tool to extract e-mail addresses from various sources: like website URL, all kinds of local text files of your device.

✔ Extract email address from website URL .
✔ Extract email address from files: text, excel, html, php, xml, json, eml, word.
✔ Save Extract email address to text, excel and Database.
✔ Export address to text, excel
✔ Copy E-mail address and database.
✔ Send Inquiry email to Extract email address.
✔ Remove duplicated e-mail address
✔ Sort e-mail address.
✔ Create shortlist database from Extract email address.
✔ A complete Email marketing tools

Changelog / What's New

Bug fixes
Added app privacy policy

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