Droid Calendar Widget

Droid Calendar Widget

An interactive calendar widget that displays events from the Google calendar.

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Android 4.0+
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4.3 (86.3%) 54 votes

App description

Droid Calendar Widget is a stylish interactive calendar widget that displays events from the Google calendar on your homescreen.

Select a day to see all events for that day or add new events right from the widget.
You can flip forwards and backwards through the months with the arrow buttons and jump back to the current day with the calendar button.

The widget comes with a black and a white base skin and its appearance can be further customized with options including widget opacity, font colors, icon color, today color, selected day color, event color and more.
The calendar optionally displays week numbers, and the event time format and starting day of the week can be adjusted. The eventbox under the calendar can be configured to show events up to one month in the future from the currently selected day.

I just received an email with the offer to buy 5-star-ratings for this app. I WON'T buy ratings!
If this app has any ratings, you can be sure that those are honest ratings from real users!

Changelog / What's New

Fix for newer Android versions, to ensure the widget updates exactly at midnight
Improved russian localization

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