Kpop Star ♡ - Idol Ranking / Schedule

Kpop Star ♡ - Idol Ranking / Schedule

Idol ranking, photo, GIF, schedule, SNS!App for kpop fans! Vote for your Idol~

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*The mobile K-pop artist fandom charting service, Kpop Star

[K-pop Star for Idols You Adore!]
- You can share photos of your favorite K-pop artist, share hearts filled with love, and meet friends with the same favorite artists as you!

[Heart Voting for Rank No. 1!]
*The rank of artists are calculated from the total number of hearts received on posts within the community and on the Rank Page!

[You are responsible for the profile picture!]
*An artist's profile picture is an image that has received the most number of hearts after being posted!

[Idol Schedule!]
*Share the schedule between the same fandom!

[Hall of Fame!]
*The Group or Person that has received the most hearts each day will be entered into the Hall of Fame!

[*What is an Idol?]
*An Idol refers to the artist or group you love most. When a post about your Idol with explicit contents have been posted on the community, you have the authority to report such posts!

[Registering your Idol or Favorite Artists!]
*You can enter the community page by setting an artist as your Idol or by adding other artists to your favorites list!

★ Making my baby a Charity Angel, a Charity Fairy ★

[Charity Angel]

Jan. : Kang Daniel(Wanna One), EXO, Tzuyu(TWICE), TWICE
Feb. : Minhyun(NUEST), EXO, Tzuyu(TWICE), TWICE
Mar. : Jimin(BTS), BTS, Tzuyu(TWICE), TWICE
Apr. : Jimin(BTS), EXO, Tzuyu(TWICE), TWICE
May. : Park Jihoon, EXO, Tzuyu(TWICE), TWICE

[Charity Fairy]

Jan. : Kang Daniel(Wanna One), NUEST, Tzuyu(TWICE), TWICE
Feb. : Minhyun(NUEST), BTS, Tzuyu(TWICE), Lovelyz
Mar. : Xiumin(EXO), BTS, Lisa(BLACKPINK), TWICE
Apr. : Jimin(BTS), BTS, An Yujin(IZONE), Weki Meki

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Added feature to share post
Changed main UI

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