Mermaid Secrets28–Princess Rescue for a Mermaid

Mermaid Secrets28–Princess Rescue for a Mermaid

The bad guy wants to hunt the princesa. Now save and rescue princesa Mia.

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Android 4.3+
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Mermaid world is an ocean wonderland that has many hidden treasures and sea princesa. Princess Mia has had a happy ocean life in the magic princess world. To catch the cute mermaid, prison breaker Alan dives into the mermaid world and plan to find out princess girl. Mermaid secrets is the best princess games and salon games for girls, let’s download the fun salon games for girls now!

1.There is a magic island lives in a cute princesa Mia. She is the princess of underwater wonderland. Find the real princesa in our girly princess games.
2.Mermaid Mia has a princess quest and turns into a high school girl to meet her first crush in the high school. Have fun in our sweet princess game.
3.OMG, a handsome boy in the high school likes the princesa! He is mermaid princess Mia’s secret crush.
4.Falling in love and sweet date, such a romantic love story! Princesa girl’s high school love dream comes true.
5.Principesses high school boyfriend wants to meet mermaid Mia again in the underwater royal palace and fight for true love.
6.My princess, is she all right? Can you help the high school boy find his little princesse in the mermaid world?
7.So many hidden treasure and hidden gems in the underwater, everyone wants to adventure in paradise and find those hidden items.
8.Prison breaker Alan comes to the mermaid wonderland and wants to find mermaid princess girl. Can you help the princess girl in our princess salon game?
9.Mermaid world is so mysterious, there has many ocean animals and cute mermaids. Be the real mermaid and explore the princesses fun.
10.Underwater magic island, so many hidden treasure and hidden gems, collect those hidden things and explore the princess island with little mermaid princess Mia.

Explore tons of princess fun find the hidden mysteries in the mermaid wonderland. Best fun princess game for girls. You princess girl, let’s download the new games for girls. It is the best princess game and salon game ever!

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