Calendar 2019

Calendar 2019

Stylish and very simple to use Calendar displaying your events and red days.

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Android 4.3+
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4.3 (85.5%) 8,153 votes

App description

Very simple to use calendar displaying red days and events synchronized with your online calendars.
Experience the smooth navigation between the views month-day-event. Nice display with pastel colors on dark background. Moon phases are included.

Following is true for all calendar apps : to synchronize online calendars you need to enable synch at device level.
System Settings > General > Accounts > Add account. Radio-button "Sync calendar" has to be checked.

Moreover make sure global synchronization is enabled. Refer to provided screenshots.

Permissions This app requires you only to grant the Calendar permission. No more. Respectful of personal privacy.

Changelog / What's New

Update Android 9

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