Vidogram is a messenger application with video and audio call based on telegram.

App details

Android 4.1+
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4.2 (83.2%) 29,816 votes

App description

Vidogram is a fast and secure messenger based on Telegram with a lot of additional Features:

* All new Telegram features including multiple accounts and MTProto v2.0 is available on Vidogram

1-Secure Video and Audio Call

2- Vidogram Live Stream

3- Save Live Stream

4- Additional Anti-censorship Tools

5- Multimedia and Games

6- Separate Chats in Different Tabs

7- Ability to Swipe between Main Tabs

8- Send Message without Quotation

9- Edit Messages before Forwarding

10- Advanced Forward

11- Bookmark Messages

12- Fast Reply on Swipe Left

13- Delete Messages Up to 48 Hours (Bi-Directional Delete)

14- Confirmation before Sending Sticker, GIF and Voice message

15- Change Application Themes

16- View the Last State of Contacts in Main Page

17- Username Finder

18- Ability to View People Who Have Your Number

19- Vidogram Notification Service and Feedback

20- Vidogram Settings

21- Change the Sound of Your Voice (Converted to Space Robot, Adam, Rough, Thin, and ... .)

22- Painting

Changelog / What's New

Vidogram 1.8.10:
• Upgraded to Telegram v5.7.1
• Choose who can see your phone number and who can’t
• Hold on the tab bar in main page and decide which tabs you want to be visible
• Bug fixes

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