inches to centimeters or centimeter to inch

inches to centimeters or centimeter to inch

Convert centimeters to inches and inch to centimeter with calculator included

App details

Android 4.0+
Get inches to centimeters or centimeter to inch for Free on Google Play
4.3 (85.1%) 71 votes

App description

This app is not only a length converter, it has a calculator included which allows you to calculate before the conversion from centimeters in inches or from inch to centimeter.

The settings of this app allows yout to change the units name and even the formulas, you will be able to change the format numbers of the result.

How to use it?

It is realy easy, you just need to enter your number of centimeters or inches and it will show you the direction of the conversion and the result of your conversion, no need to press any convert button, the result appears quickly without hassle.

You have the possibility to use a calculator before converting your unit to another unit, the result of your calculation will appear in any field you want to see it.

Key features:

- Calculator included which you can use before conversion
- Convenient units conversion in 2 directions cm to in or in to cm without hassle and without useless buttons.
- Shake-me feature which allow you to get the result of your calculation by shaking your device

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