Trueshot Swing Tempo

Trueshot Swing Tempo

Record and analyse golf swings with a smartwatch/wristband at the driving range

App details

Android 4.3+
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4.3 (86.3%) 32 votes

App description

Trueshot Swing Tempo records and analyses golf swings at the driving range using an Android smartwatch or a Trueshot wristband.
The application targets both competitive amateurs and golf professionals with knowledge of biomechanics that would like to analyse motion sensor data at the golfer's wrist produced during a swing.
The application works with an Android Wear OS Smartwatch (such as Moto 360, Sony SmartWatch 3 and LG Watch) or with Trueshot wristband (beta version pre-ordering).
The application include the following features:
- Record swings (up to 125 samples/second)
- Recognize full-swing, pitching and putting (both right and left-handed golfers)
- Determine rotational speed, backswing and downswing timings (swing tempo) and smoothness
- Make a rough estimation club head speed (mph or km/h) and putting distance (ft or meters)
- Compare your swing mesurements with results from scratch players
- Export sensor data to MS Excel for swing path analysis
- View user's recording activity and statistics

Changelog / What's New

Version 2.1
- Metrics evolution
- Pitching compare
- Session summary
- Premium subscription for backups
- New data policy and link to backend
- Ads added in regular version
- Updated examples
Version 2.0
- Swing recognition improvement
- Swing and putting smoothness metrics
- Compare my swings
- Left-handed detection
- Session summary added
- Recording quality metrics
- About and Dev mode improvements

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