Card game Poker raspisnoy

Card game Poker raspisnoy

Gambling card game,very popular in Russia. Similar to Preference, Joker & Spades

Game details

Android 2.3.3+
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4.5 (90.2%) 11,047 votes

Game description

Card Game "Raspisnoy" Poker (also known as Joker, Up & Down, Georgian Poker) -
extremely gambling card game, very popular in such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

This is not like classic poker, this is trick-taking game. Despite the fact that "Raspisnoy" poker is simpler than Preference, the game is highly gambling and exciting.

- worthy and quick-thinking AI;
- high definition graphics;
- autosaving every turn;
- online table of top players.

You can find more details about game rules in the "Game rules" menu.

Changelog / What's New

Update 1.88:
- login to the game on devices with Android 6+ has become more convenient

Update 1.87:
- new players;
- fixed several bugs.

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