eXpimal - discrete math

eXpimal - discrete math

Perfect math logic (discrete mathematics) calculator.

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Android 2.3.3+
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App description

The most functional math logic calculator.
This application has the functions as follows:
- creating truth tables;
- finding DNF, CNF, PDNF and PCNF;
- finding Zhegalkin polynomial;
- making a Karnaugh map;
- minimizing Boolean function with equivalence conversion (both briefly and in details);
- plotting logical schemes (both IEC and ANSI schemes);
- minimizing functions using McCluskey method.
Boolean functions may be displayed as multiple characters.
Unary operation "negation" may be displayed either as a single character or in the form of an overline.
No ads pop up.
This application demonstrates intuitively understandable and trouble-free operations. All results are shown in details along with comments.

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