0 to Billionaire (No Ads)

0 to Billionaire (No Ads)

A fun filled 5 MB clicker game. Challenging game play and very addictive. No Ads

Game details

Android 4.0+
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3.6 (72.8%) 337 votes

Game description

Zero to Billionaire is a simple click based role playing game. You play an 18 year old character with $0 in hand and homeless. You just have only one dream, Become a Billionaire!

This is No Ads version.

Game Features

‣ Stimulates creative thinking for finding fastest way to become a Billionaire

‣ Easy to play, Yet challenging and requires a strategic plan to progress

‣ Like in real life you will have to maintain a work life balance

‣ Earn money by doing jobs and investing in properties.

‣ Climb the career ladder by learning new skills

‣ Improve lifestyle by acquiring new living spaces and transportation facilities

‣ Play lottery and try your luck

Have questions/comments/doubts? Get in touch! support@tronlogics.com

Changelog / What's New

Resurrection Counter: 3 resurrections before game over!
And several warning messages.

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