Smartphone Security by Android VPN's

Times have changed. Cellular phones have evolved into smartphones, can do a hell lot of things just like a computer, but one thing that’s stayed the same over the years is how an individual gets notified when he receives an incoming call. In the 90s, it was a ringtone and today, it’s the same – a ringtone. Only the sound of it can be made better these days but it’s still… just.. sound.

Well, if you have an Android device, today we will try break this legacy and do something different. How about applying a video tone? Yes, the incoming call will prompt a video to start playing. Sounds interesting?

In this list, you will find a list of applications that have been listed as the top best free video ringtones app for android, each with their unique feature or features. By the end of this article, you will at least want to download one of these apps to manage your video ringtones and notification alerts!

Do you spend a big deal of time on your android phones just because of the many apps that you can use on them? You will find a lot of interesting apps in the respective store, but you'll realize that some of them cannot be used while traveling to individual countries that can let you down wholly.

The disability to obtain specific apps can be quite a dilemma notably if you want them for entertainment or erudition on a consistent basis. There are a lot of causes why you should use virtual private networking (VPN). Some of the advantages combine Ability to hide your internet activity from your ISP Evade censorship by your work, ISP, government and even school.

If using a public Wi-Fi, can protect yourself from hackers while there are many Best Android VPN Apps service providers in the market, not all will give you the service that you deserve. Here are some of the best providers that you should consider:

Express VPN

• Millions of people have voted it as the best VPN service. This is due to the great features that it comes with. It has servers in over 78 countries around the world. This ensures that the speeds are top notch thus you can stream and download your favorite videos fast.
• The VPN software is compatible with a wide range of operating systems including Mac, iOS, android, windows, and Linux. You only need to download the app that is compatible with your device.
• Unlike other service providers, Express VPN doesn't keep usage logs; therefore, you don't have to worry about your private information getting compromised.
• The service provider's service plans come with unlimited bandwidth. This eliminates the worry of hitting the monthly cap.


• A US company runs it, and one of its great features is its simple and straightforward interface. This makes the software ideal for the novice user.
• Similarly to Express VPN, its service plans come with unlimited bandwidth. It's also compatible with some devices including Linux systems, Mac, Windows, and Android.
• Similarly to Express VPN, its service plans come with unlimited bandwidth. It's also compatible with some devices including Linux systems, Mac, Windows, and Android.
• One of the major flaws is that it's incompatible with the iOS operating system.

Strong VPN

• Strong VPN has been in existence since 1994 and has many attractive features. One of the highlights is that it has over 383 servers thus providing you with fast connection speeds.
• Its service plans don't have bandwidth limits; therefore, you don't have to worry about reaching your monthly cap.
• To make it easy to contact the customer service desk, the service provider has designed many platforms that you can use. You can do a live chat, email or even phone call. The customer representatives are available 24 / 7; therefore, you can get help any time of day or night.

Hide my ass

• Run by a UK company, the software makes use of OpenVPN. One of its most attractive features is it's easy to navigate interface. This makes it ideal for users that have never used VPN services earlier.
• It's compatible with an extended range of operating systems. Whether using Android or Windows device, you will get an app compatible with your device.
• The service provider prides itself on having a technical support team that will help you with every question that you have.

These are some of the best VPN service providers. You only need to research and settle on the provider that is within your budget and provides you with the best service.

When it comes to Android owners, it seems like most of them have no idea as to how to take care of their device. When it comes to software and viruses, most people do not know how to avoid them.

If you keep an Android phone, you should assuredly be worried about security problems because hackers are indeed getting better at hacking and attacking phones. VPN services are beneficial for the secure network.

Things You Need to Know About Android Phone Security

• Only Download Apps from a Trusted Source

This is of course very important with any phone, and if you want to protect yourself from malware, this is what you need to do. So many app makers are out to corrupt your phones, and you should be aware of what kind of history the developers have.

Be sure that the developing company has a lasting history in app making before ever downloading from them. They will often copy real apps and try to have them pass as the real thing. Make sure to look at their developer icon to make sure that they are using a legit picture. Be careful when you download and if it's not a company that you recognize, do your researches before you commit to downloading.

• Protect Your Phone with Password

It's one of the easiest yet always overlooked things to do to protect your phone. This is a great way to protect yourself from people who are looking to attack your phone. Though locking your phone isn't exactly a way to protect yourself completely, it then becomes even stronger when added with a password. If ever you leave your phone somewhere, at least you never have to worry about having people entering your phone.

• Install All OS Updates as they Are Available

This is a great way to avoid malicious acts because most hackers will take advantage of the unfixed problems that the phone might have. Make sure that once an update is available so that you will be more protected. Google does a great job at closing up the holes that hackers can exploit and mess your computer up.

• Don't View Personal Information on Public Wi-Fi

Wireless internet is, of course, a significant benefit but you must take into account that it is hazardous to browse the web on the public wireless internet. You are then very vulnerable to specific malicious acts, and you must avoid looking at or typing personal information.

There is wireless internet all over the world, and you must be acutely aware. Make sure that you are just using public internet for essential uses and nothing personal. You will be sharing the same connection plenty of other people, and so everything you do on that connection will be seen. Avoid doing any bank processes while you are on the public internet and you will be safer.

This thing can be helpful for you to keep your Android safer. Be safe and browse your Android safely by considering these things.