The APK Extractor

You are probably wondering what an APK is. Android Package Kit (APK) or Android application package is a compressed file format that the Android operating system uses for the installation and distribution of mobile apps.

If you use a windows PC, APK is what .exe file is to windows. The .exe file is used by Windows for software installation. The android operating system uses APK for the installation of software. This file contains many folders and files that constitute the app. The process of downloading an app from google play store is not as direct as it seems. Once you select an app you want to download, the APK file of the app is downloaded.

Technology keeps evolving and different features keep coming up on Android all the time. APK keeps changing and if you are lucky, you just may get newer versions of APK for the apps you love the most. Not all Android devices have access to google play store. If yours is one of those, APK files will help you install the apps you want for your device.

The APK extractor , as the name suggests, extracts APK from your android to another storage option of your choice such as the SD card.

Advantages of using the APK extractor

No need for installation on another device
Should anything happen to your phone, you do not need to go through the process of installing the app. Having it on your SD card means you do not lose it when your Android device is damaged.
Reliable in extraction
The APK extractor will extract almost all that is needed from the APK file. The system application is included during the extraction process.
Multiple extractions
If you need to extract and transfer more than one APK file, it is easy to do so with the APK extractor. All you need to do is long click items that need to be extracted. This saves you time and is convenient.
Protects your device from effects of hacking
The APK extractor allows you to use external systems, this way should anything go wrong with the apps or if there is a chance of hacking and app infiltration by viruses, the damage to the device is restricted.
Saves space on your phone
Most of the time when you are facing issues of inadequate storage space on your device, it is difficult to determine which app to delete to create space. Sometimes, all the apps you have are actually of use to you. Rather than losing the apps you love and need, simply use the APK extractor to save them on your SD card.
No loss of data during formatting
One of the challenges you face when you need to format your device is how to prevent the loss of some of your important apps. The APK extractor helps to limit losses during the formatting of the device.
Acquisition of an app that is not on google play store
The APK file extractor enables you to obtain an app you would like that is not available on Google Play Store but is on someone else’ phone. If your friend has an app you would like, you can use the app extractor to get the APK file to your device.
Allows you to share files
The APK extractor allows you to easily share files with your friends instead of downloading the apps. You, therefore, do not have to download files that your friends have. Simply use the APK extractor.
Allows sharing through different channels
The APK extractor allows you to share files using channels such as Facebook Lite , Email , WhatsApp , Twitter , Messenger and many more. Therefore if someone wants APK of some apps, they can get it using the media that is most convenient for them.
It can be used for paid and free apps
The APK extractor is an easy way to share APK files for both free and paid apps. If the app was originally installed on your phone, you can easily extract it and send it without root permission. For paid apps, you may need to be rooted to do this. Whichever files you need to send, the APK extractor has certainly made it easier to share files. The APK extractor is a necessary tool for every Android user. It comes in handy especially when phone storage limitation does not allow you to perform certain functions. At one point or another, we have all debated on which apps to delete to create more space. We do not have to do this anymore. Having an APK extractor has definitely made owning an Android device more fun and convenient.