Math | Riddles and Puzzles Math Games

Math | Riddles and Puzzles Math Games

Challenge yourself with math riddles and stretch the limits of your mind.

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Math Riddles level up your IQ with a mix of logical puzzles. Challenge yourself with different levels of math games and stretch the limits of your mind. Brain games are prepared with an approach of an IQ test.


Math riddles reveal your mathematical talent through brain games that are hidden in geometrical shapes. You will train both parts of your brain by exploring the relations between the numbers in the geometrical shapes, and you will stretch the limits of your mind sharp.


Math games really open your mind like an IQ test. Logical puzzles create new connections for advanced thought and mental speed. They make strong the connections between brain cells.

How to Play Math Game Puzzle?

Brain games are prepared with an IQ test approach. You will solve the relationship between numbers in the geometrical figures, and complete the missing numbers at the end. Logical puzzles and math games have a different level and players who have strong analytical thinking ability, recognize the pattern immediately.

What are the benefits of Mathematical Puzzles?

Math games improves attention and focusing with logical puzzles.
Brain games develop memory power and perception abilities like an IQ test.
Educational games helps you find out your potential both in school and daily life.
IQ test expand your mind with brain games.
Logical puzzles helps to manage stress control in a entertaining way.

Do I need to pay for the math game?

MATH RIDDLES is totally for free game so that anybody interested in math games can access to the game. We also provide hints and answers, and you will need to see ads to access hints and answers. We need to enable ads to be able to develop new and different games. Thank you for your understanding.

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What's New

Welcome to version 1.14
10 new logical puzzles have been added to the Math Riddles and the number of brain games has increased to 100.
Have fun with these more challenging new math games.

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