Sometimes something happens, that you didn't expect at all...

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Android 4.1+
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4.4 (88.4%) 3,054 votes

Game description

He was returning from work. On the street it was dark. At one time he had loved the darkness, night, but after meeting with her, everything changed... He was changed. A few more steps and he reached his car. Got into the car, he always remembered that trip on the lake with her. It was a good day, even the best in his life... Insert the key into the ignition switch and tapping his foot on the gas pedal, he went home. One day left without her... He was driving forward, the road was almost invisible, and his state was not very good. He wanted to sleep. His eyes closed themselves. He thought that it would be better to call a taxi... Sudden blow, sound of breaking glass. Pinned down, unable to move. He felt like his life was leaving him. But somehow it seemed to him that this was not the end...

Changelog / What's New

• Italian (Thanks Andrea Maxhari)
• Persian (Thanks Sina Shaterian)
• Chinese (Thanks Yongjun Qin)
• Czech (Thanks Jakub Hösch)
• Indonesian (Thanks M. Ageng Rizeky)
• Turkish (Thanks Enes Yığıngan)
• Portuguese (Thanks Amanda De Oliveira)
• Spanish (Thanks Enzo Zaratee)

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