The Final Power Level Warrior

The Final Power Level Warrior

Train hard and crush your enemies. Ascend to legendary super yasain level.

Game details

Android 4.1+
4.6 (91.5%) 35,895 votes

Game description

Join the dragon warrior ball of the strongest. Level up and achieve new transformations of power. Enter the final battle and destroy your competition! Best anime fighting game for your mobile device.

- fast real-time battle system
- 15 character unlock
- unlock transformations like super yasain and more...
- various character abilities to unlock
- battle in beautiful locations

Requires a fairly strong mobile device. There are some GRAPHICS OPTIONS under SETTINGS. Set everything to LOW if you are using older or less powerful devices.
The game is targeted for android 6.0 but supports lower android versions (to android 4.2) just in case.

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