MapGPS for  Google Maps

MapGPS for Google Maps

Maps,find router,find nearby,navigation maps,location maps,my location,tracker

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Android 4.0.3+
4.4 (88.4%) 461 votes

App description

Welcome to GPS Maps
•GPS MAPS with the help of google maps, you can search any location around the world.
•Find nearby such as: Find restaurants near me,AT M,Airport,Bank,Bar, Beauty Salon,Book Store,Bus Station,Car wash,Casino,Clothing Store,Coffee,Dentist,Doctor,Establishment,Hotel,Food,Gas Station,Grocery or Supermaket,Hospital,Library,Movie Theater,Museum,Night Club,Park,Police,Restaurant,School,Shopping mall,Spa,Store,Subway Station,Taxi Stand,Train Station,Travel Agency,University,Zoo.
Navigation maps:The App voice guidance for route finder. Walk guidance takes you every step of the way.
GPS MAPS use material design technology .The user interface very great.
This the app is a navigation tool designed for helping people when travelling to different city. It displays places near to user's current location based on selected category.

Street maps: you can street view at any location.
Find places near me: ATM,Coffee,bank etc.(app will show list places you can choose it).
Show your current location on maps,share location by image or address to networks social.
Route planner,Find Router : draw route finder from your current location to any location or app can find from location A to B anywhere on the world.
GPS tracker location when the internet turn off.(Show your current location on maps and tracker’s location)
View maps: Hybrid,Normal,Satellite, TERRAIN...
Remind Me Notifications for all the places you select to remind when you are in vicinity of the place..
View contact details, address,times, distance,rating,image and location of each place.
Other details: website, phone,share link,open hours,list images,comments,suggest,router...->you can order products.
Transit ,compass...

you can search with keywords: navigation maps, gps,find router,nearby,near me, places, near you, nearby, find restaurants near me, local search, place finder, locator,location maps,my location,directions, local knowledge, maps, reminders,route planner,tracker, Earth,world maps...
If you have any questions or You want to help.Please contact to us via email:

App Mobile Group.

Thank all.

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