1942 Arcade Shooting

1942 Arcade Shooting

Can you destroy the battleship, 'Yamato' ? Join now!

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Android 4.1+
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Game description

It was 40 years ago, at the height of World War II. The Japanese main squadron tasted defeat off the coast of Midway Islands. Some say that this battle greatly changed the outcome of the war. Can you destroy the battleship, 'Yamato' ? Relive the excitement of "1942" by controlling your P-38 equipped with 6 secret weapons in this vertically scrolling shoot'em up. In addition to the now famous loop, you have at your command, lightning, cyclone, and tsunami to ward off your enemies.

* Screen slide: moves the aircraft - combat plane.
* Touch the "lighting" button to make special lightning attacks.
* Select booters to start easier.
* Defeat boss to pass levels.

* 20 Great Missions with huge End Level Bosses and 3 modes to play: Normal, Hard, Crazy
* Many different Enemy types
* Numerous Upgrades and special gameplay
* 5 different aircraft and more.
* Arcade retro style feeling.
* Easy control.
* Experience the intensity of this 8-bit classic with one finger control.

Enjoy awesome air battles anytime, anywhere with Squadron 1942 - World War II🚀
Completely free to play on mobile!

Changelog / What's New

- Update new controller

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