The only app in the world that transforms an entire film into a language lesson.

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Digital Innovation of the year according to the British Council.
We add value to well-known movies, and thanks to methodological features and functions,
you will get weeks worth of valuable study material for effective studying:

- feature movies or documentaries all from different genres and you can watch or study with these
- subtitles translated by language specialists and easy navigation within the script;
- audio flashcards which you can create yourself, directly from the movie;
- special notes about the language and culture featured in the film, to help you fully understand both the vocabulary and the context;
- language quizzes which have been created in the context of the movie
- movies can be watched offline and stored in our cloud
- support for saving films to SD card
- customer support 7 days a week:

Thanks to unique methodology you can transform your passive language knowledge into active communication! You have acquired your native language thanks to environment you grew up in. Movies are not only entertaining, but also partly emulate a foreign environment. Each movie contains an average of 2000 words - most of them are those which are most commonly used. Already the 1000 most common words represent 60% of everyday vocabulary.

A world, where people understand each other.

With the option of Mooveez Subscription you get instant access to the movies, documentaries and TV shows that are available on subscription.
Choose the length of subscription which suits you best: 1 month or 1 year. Both options include a 1 week free trial period.

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