Nepal Driving Trial - License Exam Preparation 3D

Nepal Driving Trial - License Exam Preparation 3D

Nepal Driving Trial 3D: Driving license test for Bus, Car & Motorcycle & Scooter

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Android 4.4+
4.5 (90.2%) 495 votes

Game description

Nepal Driving Trial is the first driver’s license test simulator for Nepal. If you are looking forward to Nepalese driving license test, we recommend this game for you. For a start, the game includes three different categories – Scooter trial, Motorcycle trial, Car trial and Bus trial. There are dozens of different levels to get yourself comfortable with the mandatory driving license trial for Nepal. Apart from trial exam, the game helps you prepare for written test. Hundreds of multiple choice questions are available in the game. The game also lists all road signs with their meanings to help you prepare for written test.

Nepal Driving Trial might be one of the best games to improve your understanding of driving trial track specially if you are preparing for driving license test soon. Playing this game regularly will help you become comfortable with the driving trial track and master your driving skills.

Salient Features:
- All road signs that are used in Nepal
- Hundreds of multiple choice questions
- Real trial track of Nepal for license test
- You can learn to drive a car or bus, and ride a motorcycle or scooter
- Approximately 10 challenging levels for each type of vehicle
- Car with mechanical steering and manual gear shift
- Indicator switch for car, motorcycle and scooter
- Basic traffic lights and rules
- Bonus: Parking skill test for Car

Thank you for trying the game. Pleas feel free to submit any feedback. We're constantly adding new levels and features to the game. Your feedback will make the game even better for everyone.

All the best!

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