App Extractor

App Extractor

APP Extractor allows you to backup your apps(APK) files to your SD card.

App details

Android 4.0+
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App description

No root needed.
Fast and simple apk extractor
Just tap the app in the list and it will be saved to your sd card in a folder called "Extracted Apps".
You can also choose where you want the apps to save to.
Share apps to your other devices to save having to download them again
Works with android 8.

App Extractor uses the following permissions:

• "read the contents of your storage", in order to list apps that are installed to backup.
• "modify the contents of your storage", in order to save apps you wish to backup.
• "internet", google ad services uses the internet to display ads.

Changelog / What's New

added privacy policy and permissions disclosure in the settings

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